Midland Biomass Services

Servicing - Over 500kW

Please remember that before any planned service work can be carried out it is important that the boiler is allowed to cool down for 24 hours to ensure a safe working environment.

Annual Service Contract

Over 500kW Silver Gold Platinum
  Silver Gold Platinum Over 500kW
Two site visits POA
General inspection of the boiler
Inspection of fuel feed equipment 
Combustion analysis report 
Interrogate fault logs
Check Heat Meter
Report on Condition of Boiler
Flue Clean   From £200
Monthly Maintenance Visits     From £1500 (10 additional visits)
Fuel Store Clean       From £500

One-off Service: Menu Priced

Full Service Combustion check, General inspection, Fault log & Report POA
Flue Clean From £180
Monthly Maintenance Visits From £150
Fuel Store Clean From £500