Midland Biomass Services


Servicing your Biomass boiler to the recommended schedule will reduce the risk of breakdown, improve quality of emissions, maintain combustion efficiency, prolong the life of your boiler and be more economical.

MBS offer Bespoke packages to suit you

Each biomass installation is unique so our service menu allows you to build up a service package to best suit you.
Our service packages include two annual visits (one full service and one combustion check) plus discounted labour on any repair works. More options can be added as required ensuring you only pay for what you need.
If you run your boiler more than 5000 hours per year a high usage contract would be a good option as you would receive two services per year.

A Basic biomass service includes:

Combustion check includes:


Our Add-on options can be added to your service contract as required, these include:

Complete service history

Following each service visit our engineer will compile a maintenance report detailing any observations, repairs or adjustments made - ensuring you can build up a full service record for your system.

The service schedule for your boiler is detailed in the operations and maintenance manual supplied with it. Should the boiler be running more than the scheduled hours, an extra Service visit can be added to the agreed service plan.

High usage Contract

For more details about our Add-on options or to enquire about bespoke support for your boiler please contact us

Please remember that before any planned service work can be carried out it is important that the boiler is allowed to cool down for 24 hours to ensure a safe working environment.

For pricing information, select your biomass boiler's rated wattage: